Waking up

Minor instances of fear that arise, are there to help us. Days turn into just seconds of perception. How you can internally release in seconds what you historically couldn’t for months at a time only brings respect and love for the heroes that helped you along the way. Growth is joy.


BodyMIndz also would like to point out any confusion that our messages may have been impressionable for certain individuals in which they were not intended for, and for any messages that perceived harm when, for those, intentions were not of that nature. So many eyes at once induced responses to many, not just a few.

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Make a Movie About That

I thought we were sharing cinema ideas for the greater influence of mankind?  I thought this was a judgement free zone with minds in action for the next summer blockbuster sic-fi movie.  I thought we were brainstorming?

Anyone growing up from the 50′s to to 90′s in any of the 5 boroughs could have made a hit movie about organized crime because it was what they saw.  A movie that was solely based off the most sadistic ways to die to depict a culture.  You want to depict life, that’s great, does there need to be a glorification of violence like that anymore?  Enough violence to prove a point, fine, do we need to see elaborate ways to kill each other?  We are simply not a fan.  You wanna get violent, talk about the violence people do not see.  It will test your faith in the afterlife, and what’s more important?  And from what we have seen throughout history, cultures can be easily lead, so take note on where you are leading.

Anyway, we are going to be back at selling our products.  We’ve got free form amino acids, we’ve got branch chain amino acids, we’ve got di and tri peptides, we got anything you like. C’mon in, I’m getting bored….alright kinda.



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Know The Ledge: Music Lessons

It’ an important thing to remember to focus on names and faces in your down time. Or maybe listen to some music. It is one of the few tools that can light up your whole brain.  So it is of utmost importance that you choose wisely and keep the links in your mind process in properly progressing comprehension.  LIsten to overnight success?  Be weary.  Now this day and age, how do you choose an independent pure artist as someone to listen to when we are bombarded with contrived music bands that are even given, no forced, into taking a name and lyrics by bosses, despite what others may say.  I’ll tell ya, it’s done so with specific intent for someone else’s dream.

Now when you hear a line from a song from a place you have engaged in intense experience, your brain can shoot into one of many personalities that have developed, not so positive.  Hey, your kid is home from school all summer and he is a cheese ball who listens to top 40 all day long.  What kind of mood would that put you in if you chilled on a military base in Calgary in the late 50′s?  Awww Maaa, I wanna listen….too late.  Most of us eat amino acids to survive, a special few eat prana, but there are those among us who eat the vibration of fear, we always warn her of the brothers, the brothers warn her back.  It’s in Sciencestudy class.

So it’s the responsibility of humans to stay in center or your vibration feeds the parasites.  It’s how we are used to take each other out appropriately.

The lighter you are the darker your accepted knowledge.


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Was it the sugar before the retrograde or the retrograde before the sugar?  Anyhow, diving back in the trash to get definitive answers is sometimes best in the long run.  We stated that we allocated this month to a certain cause.  The last thing you would want to feel is that you are recreating something that someone forced upon you against your will which stands as the catalyst of such trauma.

Giving yourself away in attempting to draw out what you see is not a productive answer for anyone.  What tantalizes is the ripple effects that are of great potential for the ones surrounding that give their love and how that would spiral upward into greater forms.  That is not to say that the form that one has brought to the table was not perfect in the development that was necessary to bring you where you are today.  Imperfctly perfect.

This cancer retrograde is a real barn burner.

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Love Your Pedophile

6e521dd659348ed440f6b7d030f50b7cWe are allocating the month of June as the month of recognizing and loving your pedophile. I mean it is one thing to release the energy that you were born into while becoming a spiritually sovereign being who can then look at the perfection of everything, but it is a whole other to be entangled in something that is so treacherous that it holds you in fear for your entire life in secrecy while being internally out of control.

That is why we say love everything, even the one who molested you.  Forget about the fact that a molester could easily skew you sexually where you are caught in a state of illusionary sexually driven facade while neurologically promoting self hatred, a lack of self respect to the point of obesity, and even split personality who is a very good candidate for a potential assassin.

“He was such a fine pedophile, he could have molested the neighbors kids, but he didn’t because he was such a stand up guy, a real community minded person. He could have hired a hooker, but he didn’t.  He could have raped his wife, but he didnt, because he could never live with the guilt. He could have turned to raping horses and moderate sized farm animals, but he didn’t because he couldn’t bare the humiliation for him and his family if he were caught. He was the type of pedophile who’s’ barren grave space really leaves you miffed.”

Like we have mentioned before, altruism doesn’t work, if you give a flying shit about what people think of you when in operation mode, nothing will get done to the end. If you think we lived through basically telling an entire city to stick it up their unconscious asses, teaching a few people how to properly love while the potential for hating us is present, ain’t no thang. It is a requisite for knowing us.  And we can see how the vast majority do not get that privilege.   Most humans are looking for their next sugary, toxic meal to light up their receptors in their brain so they can artificially feel good for 30 minutes. That is simply not going to do in our world.

If you have room to talk about another, you have room to help repair what it is you are complaining about.  And the first step in that is getting your head out of your ass and start thinking about the multiple generations of family members who were more directly affected from the trauma and not thinking of yourself or your next meal.

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Letting Go

Somewhere deep inside our spirit, we believe that everyone makes contracts with others in order to experience, learn and then love themselves again.  So many are caught up in the perception of requirements in social norms to keep you from abusing social norms to get you to learn lessons.  Want to let go?  Go seek out  a person you care about that still is holding on.

When you realize the only way to overcome the fear of letting go is to witness another who has not let go and displays meanness and sadness as a result, your desire to help will force you to raise your energy.  If they are a really giving person this can manifest in positive talk that is balancing out their negative perception.  Use your gut to examine if the inspirational talk is coming from a place of gratitude or a place of desperation.  Then the person who still has tentacles around the past will eventually see this and want to join you knowing the only way to get back together is if they let go and see the beauty in universal performance, because nothing is really real anyway…except experience.

And if they tell you to go fuck yourself, you know you’re headed in the right direction, because then you can really have a blast just being you, more to come….




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There are many issues that seem paramount in the hierarchy of metamorphosis as this planet moves forward into new states of consciousness.  The environmental impact through a century of  humanity’s ignorant behavior, the non stop manipulation of countries forced to go to war with each other through large-scale media orchestration, and the concealment of medical cures that would virtually eradicate all of the most feared diseases are of the most concerning while we open up to new vibrations.  However, we believe, that there is a topic that can hinder all of the remedies to important issues concerning the schism of humanity’s personal evolution which can intern effect the aforementioned goals, and that is the sexual molestation of women in their childhood.

Females are five times more likely to be abused than males and one in four women in America may be  sexually abused before the age of 18.  Women are most vulnerable between the ages of 7 and 13.  50% of the victims do not tell anyone for at least 5 years and some never tell, which is the disastrous contagion effect we choose to focus on in this  critique.

The situation becomes much worse when the victimizer is a parent.  Extreme shame and distrust from a person that is suppose to protect you is instilled at a very young age.  Sexual abuse victims can have a tendency to avoid close relationships entirely, they usually feel disempowered, have eating disorders and harbor the feelings that it was all their fault through their lifetime.  They are angry at everyone but the one person in which their anger is justified.  There is a self hatred inherent in everything they do while becoming abusive and controlling.  The worst aspect is that they have a distrust of a higher power.  This may translate as someone, who while has faith and can intellectually absorb spiritual text, but cannot respond with the proper feeling, as a “Child of God”.  So fear rules them as they have a very unhealthy relationship with death and the afterlife.

Female sexual abuse is statistically rare, but much like ignorant behavioral specialists, these reportings do not consider underlying backdrop of vibration.  If one were to agree with the logic of the conservation of energy that states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, any behavioral specialist would have to look at various levels of spirituality which include mental, vocational, financial, physical, familial and social in which this energy can be transferred.  So in essence if one has not revealed their childhood trauma, the buildup of experience can express itself in their children in the form of learned behavior on any of these levels.  Can you have someone molest you on the mental, financial as well as physical levels?  Yes you can.

While that is occurring, a more subtle explanation of energy transfer can exists.  A child, particularly of the opposite sex, of a molested parent can express what that parent has been indefinitely repressing.  Since the emotions linked to sexual trauma are not expressed to the molester, release is obviously blocked and has to go somewhere.  A natural transfer of energy can be made through the opposite sex child as an expresser of what hasn’t been.  The child can take on what the sexually abused victim endured and become not only shamed, but rageful and want to kill another person that resembles the victimizer.  This may be because the child is less crippled due to the indirect experience and may be strong enough to act out what he feels.  During sexual intercourse rape scenes can be spontaneously played out, which take on all characters, that can oscillate between leading to either misplaced fantastic sex or utter shame due to incongruent preference.

Whom do you blame for this?  Do you blame the child for not taking on what he cannot make sense of because there was no real life experience associated with the feelings?  Do you blame the mother for never divulging such a jarring familial experience?  You blame the Grandfather for carrying out the act that some may view incomprehensible right?  Well, do you take into consideration what the Grandmother wasn’t providing for sexually and emotionally for her husband which could be viewed as a cruel relationship dynamic?  Or do you blame the Great Grandfather for cutting out the heart of the Grandmother at an early age?  Well what kind of medevil experience did the great Grandfather endure?

A standard questionnaire on childhood trauma was used to assess the women’s early-childhood experiences, and their brains were scanned to measure the thickness of various regions of the cortex. Cortical thickness is linked to brain development, with thicker regions generally suggesting healthier growth. Brains, like muscles, develop through use, so regions that have been “exercised” more tend to be bigger.

The brain of a child who is raped, for example, may react by reducing the connectivity of the regions that were hurt or may be exponentially larger.  Emotional abuse left a different type of scar.  Here, the changes were seen in regions associated with understanding and controlling emotions and recognizing and responding to the feelings of others. “We [saw thinning] in areas that have to do with self-awareness and emotional regulation, areas in the prefrontal cortex and medial temporal lobe, which typically show activation when people are asked to think about themselves or reflect on their emotions,” Dr. Peter Pruessner says.  The changes seen were not small: Pruessner says if a region typically was 5 mm. thick on average, in abuse survivors it was just 3 mm. to 4 mm. “The effect size was quite significant,” he adds.

The consequence of female sexual molestation is something that can be endured by the son, which can then be projected onto other females which can repeat something the female already possesses through her own experience.  It can create an analyzation opportunity for self examination in which everyone who has emotionally reacted with the tendencies of a particular person, was in fact due to overlapping characteristics from their own experience.  So female sexual abuse is not just a female problem but a male problem, and a world problem that may be at the heart of prolonging destructive platforms that plaque the modern world by allowing control and power for immoral reasons.

Again, what should not go unnoticed is the historical interactions of women by men spawned from this dynamic.  Men do not need to be sorry for anything upon increased vibration!  If you are a woman and you have past negative emotions about particular interactions, then work on yourselves, cause you needed to be there to hear what you think about yourselves.  An emphasis on creating a better world view and overall quality of life for your kids than you ever had for yourself is something that most can agree as foundational livelihood, but that involves being strong enough to face fears that are more terrifying if left inside you.  Otherwise, the wave of energy that has terrorized your ancestors will continue if you let it.  And when you do, you are a hero, free of judgement.  So just do it.


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