The Canola Oil Conundrum

Ever wake up in the morning and have someone’s face pop right in with a strong feeling attached?  Its kinda like holding a piece of food in your hands while starving which immediately turns your stomach right side up with nausea.  I know, I know, we just keep bitching, well the interesting thing about bitching about your alleged local health food store including canola oil in just about every prepared food bin is its obvious ramifications in physical health go unnoticed in about 98.9% of the population not known as Batman.

Canola oil is an shortened phrase for Canadian Oil.  The FDA prohibits it in their baby formulas because it retards growth.  This cheap, highly processed, high in trans fat oil is probably the worst oil you can ingest, per my body.  It should be discarded like soy, agave, suraclose as well as other synthetic sweeteners, weight watchers, and and all the other historical weight loss gimmicks.

It’s sometimes frustrating dealing with various consciousness promotion centers, stores and groceries because none of these places have it together 100% on the aspects they are selling.  You have places that will open your third eye, while they feed you high fructose corn syrup in the food (agave), you have groceries and their demand focussing on GMO when other aspects are probably as equally debilitating.

Anyway how does the saying go?  We express what our “parents,” um..parents, forefathers, older community personnel, repress.  And if you do not appreciate what has been provided, it will be provided to you again until you have gratitude for that person, place or thing being in your life.  But hey, look around when you are doing the thing you love everyday and just know you are about as intelligent and capable as the 5 people that you mingle with.  So don’t be so hard on yourself!

We are proud to let everyone know our office has opened it’s doors in venice, so if you need assistance or in a state of limbo with nothing to do but project disease onto others, bodyMindz is the perfect fix!

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Kundalini Yoga for the Physical Culture

Is really a good idea for a number of reasons.  The first being that the practice’s main focus, at least initially, is to build your first three chakras, which translates as one of the more vicious abdominal and lower back sessions that can easily hang with function needed for athletic and  competitions. Secondly, the physical culture is inherently more yang than yin and meditating can be something of a challenge; however kundalini can provide a physical framework in order to carry that out with its conventional mediation intermmitingly present as well as its moving mediation aspects.  In addition, while the name yoga is attached to khundalini, it is nothing like what most perceive a yoga to be as their are less poses that are physically taxing (with the core work being the exception) as a class whole, allowing for less energy expendeture from your primary physical practice (it presents as more logistically practical ie:everyone can do all the positions). Lastly, kundalini is more like qi gong and the other high states of energy work we have participated in, so you are receiving a greater electromagnetic bolstering, clearing etc. that actually can create more energy than doing nothing, and since the CNS is worked at such deep levels, you may find yourself requiring less conventional stretching for even the athlete who is performing at more enduring levels.

Due to how powerful kundalini work is, it has received negative press from some, saying that it could negatively affect your mental/emotional state.  However, we believe that while part of the work is to cleanse your cells and does so in swift processes that are very attached to our feelings and constructs, there are always teachers there to guide where guidance seems fit and that it is nothing more than a toxin removal process on the bio physical level that will slowly turn a vomit into a burp, then maybe to blowing bubbles…a love bubble with some venom inside, until it pops and your left with nothing… but a hug.

Of course, when doing any practice, you may find yourself opening to a web of new energy, not just your classifying group, to beings that are able to transmute energy effectively which is humbling to say the least.

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No Blues in Peanut Butter

-2 The undeniable delectables know as nut butters can have even the most glamourously aloof at odds with themselves.  The phytic acid content in nuts can reduce non heme iron (iron derived from non animal sources)  absorption.  Phytic acid also is the worst enemy of someone attempting to reset the hypothalamous to start remineralizing cavities.  What is interesting in the wave of healthy veggie eating, particularly for women, is the substitution from the rightfully discarded tofu and soy based foods to nut based dishes.  Lowered iron levels from an animal free diet in conjunction with blood loss from mensturation, along with nut ingestion can set a stage more tendency for iron deficiency.

Getting into homeostasis, In our opinion, is not an easy task.  For the people that want to just eat good wholesome foods, who are usually highly limited by what they think that means, more power to you because that is just difficult.  Minerals, herbs and supplements and the analyzation of such are highly useful and fast acting tools.

Of course if you do not have a cavity nor plaqued by iron defficiency nor a neurotic, that does not mean that you cannot occasionally rock out with glycemic shock with the following:

Organic peanut or cashew butter

Mixed with a touch of apple juice and hemp seeds, then stirred and slathered over:

Assortment of various organic apples

A few dabs of dried mango

Sprinkle in some raisins

MIxed together to make the slopiest most delicious treat.  Do not forget the raw goat milk.

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FOol Proof Pot Odds

Follow, no follow

Thing, no thing

Woman with the elder hand, you deserve to be heard

Alchemy nerds; the hired hands, units are being transferred

There is no spontaneity in Ascension, Physical activity brings a slow play remembered

Order of importance starts with the glands in your brain

Treating dis-ease; starts with the start of your pain

Want; not want, leader; no leader

Those Brentwood negroid twins are buggin, chromatin teasers

No thing brings bliss rings, ring game?

Post a poker face when my heart opens I understand

I’ll hold it with a kickstand
For the harmonic gland band


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The Hypothalamus Diet

Paradigms of eating should be specific to goal attainment.  So our test in repairing our cavities with a specific food consumption plan that activates the hypothalamus to re-mineralize your teeth (tissue that is dead by modern dental industry) will be conducted by yours truly.  Raw dairy, omitting all sugar sources except molasses, REAL stevia, and honey, omitting grains, glycerin in your toothpaste, and adding fermented cod liver oil, and high vitamin butter oil and no processed foods will ensue.  We will keep you updated.

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Just for kicks, Keep To A Practice.


Perception is coming


An energetic practice, even the ones who are not remembering (moreso the adults, the kids already know, it’s the adults that forgot.).  And the muscle heads, and the pompous drunk who has really poor run of the mill taste in the art, and the techies, and the ballers and the physical culture who get their kicks flying.  The worst case scenario is that you feel much better through your day.

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Time Isn’t Holding Us. Time Isn’t After Us.

When looking back on the last 5 years, the element that pops foremost is the different types of genius in so many individuals that was essential to the victory of such a loveable community.  I am sure the unremitting perseverance that was present would not be there if it were merely for personal gain, but the success of a sustainable platform for the blessing of internal freedom for the souls that desire it.  And how that freedom can resonate into fighting for a cause that fights for the further freedom of individuals that may fight for their own causes.

Of course, this would have never started if it wasn’t first shared.  It is important to note that whether you are in your 20′s and 30′s or in your 60′s or 70′s, that sharing the thoughts that make you lash out and the ones that make you cry are helpful to you and everyone around you.  And if you do not know why, then share that too.  Make your heart a rug that is dirty, your brain a pantry gone stale, so you look back and can say that it’s not the same as it ever was.

“I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.”
-Vince Lombardi

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Dream Fulfillment

Miripolsky-Fear-No-Art-Hi_AMILetting go of the lopsided perceptions of the most visceral sort from the more entrenched emotion with individuals in your life is a Gordian knot of proportions requiring a large scale ball bag.  Slicing away the lopsided perceptions of a living or deceased individual entangled with you is best understood through reenactment, while mere understanding is humdrum.  It’s the final and most complete piece of a cauldron of vomiting resulting in gratitude that can have a stupendous effect on perception, hence physiology.images

It seems like there are times during a diligent time span of energy work that have perceived profound effects on our physiology compared to periods of twice as focused work with no response that is remarkable while stagnant in practical life.  The feeling of energy coursing through the system has catalyzed various openings and directional movement, formerly merely felt while in a practice session, during an act of virtue in life for oneself or others.  Whether it be standing up for yourself, defending another or bursting through a personal barrier of any type, feelings of fourth chakra openings or macro cosmic orbits have been spontaneously turned on through experience.

-3Of course you are only as good as your weakest level, and with that finances got next.  We are thinking a futuroso tale of a clairvoyant accounting firm meets a clairaudience legal firm in a Hatfield in McCoy-esk power struggle to feed the bohemian zombie apocolypse.  And by the way, if you ever find yourself sleeping at someone else’s place and a virtual dream of communication with little cyborg penguin alien-looking dudes gets injected into your consciousness, while knowing full well that this is a foreign mind linkage saturated from way too much Tungsten Arc application, get the hell out of dodge.

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Its Not Where You’re From, It’s Where You’re At

Serious dancers build a strong core to be able move more fluidly, yet while in motion rarely is one sitting in their center very long at all. This theory can be transferred in life due to the fact that once you “are over” what is being presented to you, knew lessons arise almost immediately. To say that you are going to be in your center for any extended amount of time in life is erroneous because the cosmos gives you another lesson to move with to keep you growing.

Of course, having your heart and mind functioning as one in a state of gratitude makes new challenges much easier.  So when bullshit arises, you can be mad at your buttons being pushed or realize that you just may be in rhythm refinement with someone else’s like values.

Bullshit for Bullshit can be funky.

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