While the tool exercise is handy, the differing quality of moods when you are writing compared with time intended, may sinc separately and may not capture a properly rounded tone of thankfulness one may feel.  Getting caught up into the mood of the flick, (that’s kinda weird) But you guys know I’m not perfect already.  Thanx for showing me that.  I’m gong conventional anyway, how may I serve you?

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A Virtual Chess Board

9781592573165You guys are freakin hilarious.  So you have questions….Well hopefully this thread answers your perceptions because the words you guys are using are telling me that you are confused.  I get the test you are providing, it’s moot, but you want proof.  The answers you formulate for yourselves should be about yourselves, not about me….but I digress :)

There wasn’t a monk in the monestary that I did not connect with emotionally on their issue.  Which ended rarely quickly cause those guys are full, and you wonder why I got so quickly bored in the monastery.  1/5 of us get it almost instantaneously.  4/5 of you guys have to be told over and over and over and over again before it sinks in.  Why I have a tendency to choose the mature male monks you ask?

There are some people who feel like they are in a virtual game of chess where, say a bishop who is taking in the pawns, kings and queens and horses energy that reside adjacent.  Now when the queen is attacking it’s own bishop with something that is not conducive to the inherent nature and is done so for years very early in the development, what you want to do is move a horse or king between the both of you.  What you look for is someone you think can protect you with and equal amount of the opposing energy that is capable of deflecting that type of intense emotion.  It’s like a constant real time virtuoso game.  It was and is about protection.  It’s almost as if it’s tactile experience.  The only problem I have with the psychology of it (while its great for deconditioning from childhood that entered the mind) it takes no account for this real time tactile body experience which also can effect the mood greatly.  I dump out everything in the forrest and I’m an empty vessel, come back to a smorgishboard and I’m filled up with junk.

When one’s focus is the big screen, due to it’s predominant energetic seat, giving a test on the individual level is ill advised because projectors focus on one thing at a time. Interestingly enough I can talk about my reproductive system all day while routinely visiting a place where hormones average 418 percent that of the average person because it made up a collective consciousness.  And who out there thought I wasn’t being real?  What a joke.

The mistake is that some of you out there in the hood thought there were conscious decisions being made.  So this illustrates someone who can focus on one thing at a time, but allow many different things in subconsciously (via the body) that are swirling around the environment and blurt out a combination (hybrid) of everything happening.  Maybe some of that is the energy you used to screw someone else over because you are still carrying that with you for someone like me to sit in that space and show it to you again.  Maybe some of it is playing out for the women who have been raped.  And maybe some of it is playing out adult perspectives that seemed entangled in adolescent experiences.  I mean shit, I played out the role of an asshole father from a woman who is a cyborg from planet zoltar, you think that’s something I consciously did?  And you can play them out all at the same time.  You guys think you know me?  How? Im just an example of the environment I reside in.  There’s no thing to know about me.  In fact you are not here to know me, you are here to know yourselves, so direct those questions inward.

Interestingly enough what I believe I also played out was how a community of aspiring actors who do nothing but jab at each other while a group of pedophiles sit at the top of Hollywood and molest kids who can then be sent out to contribute to more self hatred into the community, where the community members can play ping pong with them cause well..they  probably hate themselves too with no one publishing or magnifying in the media that these pedophiles in this town have protected Michael Jackson so they wouldn’t get exposure, so they can hence keep raping children.  The rest are just ripping off my ideas.

This is not to say that I am not super, super grateful for the ones that were able to help me resolve early programming that when embedded can enter the mind and turn pathological.    But to an HSP is seems more like an exogenous virus than any sort of addictive quality because it’s more real time, which is more about perceiving with the body, not the mind.  You have to surround yourself around people with conducive energy so that when you feel someone about to come in with something all it takes is a move of your horses to offset that trajectory.  But that’s when you have novice to the dynamics.  I’m needing no one right about now.

While my heart is centered, the financial level makes up a part of your spirituality, So about my historical earnings….there seems to be disagreement and miscommunication about my smorgasbord involvement.  It will probably gets worse before it gets better. :)  Until then you can call me Jesus, a Jesus that is about to pop off on your convenient constitution.

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Shtick Update

You know, I would think at this point the team is just looking for a way to dole out funds evenly to the community cause we are really stretching at this point in the vain of “you are only as good as your last game,” we are entering a parody of ourselves.  Next game…and thanx!

And by the way, I can’t help to say that I am damn proud of myself, cause I have this habit of subconsciously playing disowned parts, which of course involves removing yourself from that which isn’t all that it is cracked up to be by a far margin.  I’d like to call you a bunch of baby animals, from monks to sloths, yeh that’s right everyone, but I’ll call you holographically challenged, like as in a planet, seriously.  And you wonder why I got world domination personality disorder?

So I am starting my endeavor of clinic life, urgently I might add, while maybe a little tap dancing in the arts part time, maybe an expose on a few incredibles in consciousness.  And this book I have in my head……  Where my agents at?

egolessness“It’s not egotistical if it’s entertaining.” – Expeller pressed corn

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Kit And Cagoogle

Don’t Want to be Evil? Drop ALEC


If Google wants to adhere to its “Don’t Be Evil” motto, AFSCME and other organizations are urging the Internet giant to stop funding evil and cut ties with ALEC, which pushes bills that advance corporations at the expense of working families.

ALEC brings state legislators together with corporate lobbyists to formulate legislation that busts unions, attacks voting rights and takes other extreme positions.

The coalition joins AFSCME with more than 50 unions and advocacy groups.

One of the groups, Common Cause, filed a complaint with the IRS in 2012 challenging ALEC’s status as a nonprofit charitable organization. The complaint says ALEC serves “as a vehicle for its corporate members to lobby state lawmakers and then deduct the costs of these efforts as charitable contributions.”

In a letter, the coalition reminds Google’s CEO, Larry Page, and other officers that hundreds of thousands of Americans signed petitions during the past year urging Google to cut ties with ALEC “because of their concerns about the harmful role ALEC has played in our democratic process.”

Just last month, Microsoft announced that it will no longer be a member or financial supporter of ALEC. That’s evidence of a growing backlash against the group. More than 90 companies and other members dropped their support for ALEC, including Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Kraft Foods Inc., General Motors and Walgreens. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also ceased backing the organizing in 2012.

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…like a glove

OK, we are officially entering the twilight zone.  You know the term we are all one?  Well the funny thing is, is that is very practical scientific explanation to all that.  50% of us do not have our own emotions.  That’s right, completely without feeling, as crazy as that may sound, it’s true.  The other 50% have there own generating emotions.  Now, you may be thinking, what kind of sadistic trick is source playing on us, where 50% create there own junk and the other 50% just absorb that junk and have no idea how it got there?  THat should be the first rule of fight club when you enter this plane.  Are you F ing kidding me?  Is that the sickest joke ever played?

And I don’t want to beat andy dead horses around this town, if you are that lucky, but 20% of the 50% amplify those emotions 10 fold for others.


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The Moment of Truth

Ya know yous guys are still talking jujitsu when I’m shadow boxing in the 36 chambers of death, your jujitsu is cute…. you have no idea.  Yous are so demanding of your offspring that this insatiable quality of life has prompted a sovereign-minded long term vision worth sharing.

The Christos is the one singular movement, the perfect ideal.  it is source totally of it’s being.  Christ is source in mobile form, a consciousness.  THAT IS ALL.  Any other construct humans attached to that is pure bullshit.  We put words to that and you mess it up.  We placate ourselves on your own pettiness when we misuse such a simple construct that does not need any religion attached, but we keep attaching ideals to this and more constructs till you are stuck on this plain of existence and forget when you forgot cause it’s now so long gone that is no more.

We breathe into our creative aqueous forms in that of cells and we give them a pattern and then feel it into existence.  Bodymindz is cusping on announcing our new plan of “The Outdoor Erotic Exhibitionist.”  Every location a different substrate, and new feffer, in the vain of spreading light without words.  It’s gonna be a beautiful 2 year performance of spirit in action.  So you can keep the cashmere.  While collecting essence between performances, we will embark on sniper training in the “Robin Hood Gone Elitist Hunter” role, where yours truly attempts to debunk bhuddist philosophy in a modern remake of what THE RAM has already proved, in killing off the ones hindering the whole via destiny assassination, and the promotion of spiritual growth of that which it is in allignment.

In the beginning there was the void.  Then the void contemplated itself.

Ponder this.


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Invitation Accepted: Cadi lacks Stupidity Filter

Ya know, of the 11 billion planets in the milky way just like earth, most of them have blue suns and sunlight.  Ours is yellow because it is dirty with radiation.  Blue suns are clean, hence the term royal families refer to each other as blue bloods, which is how this is derived.  The most remarkable people in our quadrant are blue, not white or black or brown or red or yellow.  Spending any more time on race or friction from races seems pretty damn stupid going forward huh? How bout what’s truth for you?

So when you think you know everything about life, it just keeps getting cloudier, the most befuddled I have been of late is believing that people watch this crap of a commercial and actually let it even fractionally get absorbed into their consciousness as righteous.  To the point that I am, thankfully, invited to a conversation by the community about the things we think we know.

Are we not in LA? A place where a break from the norm is the norm?  Because there are 14 year olds in Arkansas with no teeth who called BS on this commercial 4 1/2 seconds after viewing.  BUT I DIGRESS..? Are you kidding me?  I don’t really like to complain anymore, so I’m not going to talk about the fact that that Bill Gates, Les Paul, Ali, and the makers of this commercial do not work regular hours.  If you believe we got to the moon before the Russians and did not have Kubrick film our pseudo adventure, then I just gave everyone in the hood acupuncture twice but it was so good you didn’t notice, so you all owe me 2 bills each.

And if you are going to sell us BS, could you at least get an actor who’s hips and thoracic group isn’t locked up, making him appear like an unempowered dork.  I mean it’s got to the point where you are not even trying when you are trying to fool us.  And the most absurd thing is…it’s still working.

Now to be fair there are 30 percent of us who are not wired to work conventionally that make up not one, not two but three groups.  The 70 percent who can work steadily are not necessarily happy at what they are doing, because they let commercials like this classify that into how to do it.

So if you ever hear from someone that you do not know how to succeed in this world because you are not working for someone else 6 days a week, make it your job to tell them they do not know how to live life.

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