Uh oh it’s attack of the baby storks.  Ya know when you start hanging out with someone that maybe after a few interactions you start picking up their mannerisms and affect and you play with it and sometimes laugh with it with each other until there eventually comes a time when you blurt out something with tone and movement that wasn’t consciously deliberate but sounded and acted so exactly what the other presents, that their is just awkward silence with both parties because there was no crescendo to what has appeared to be a mock?  It usually gets left with the move to the next topic.  Anyway, there are the type that kinda pick up on other mannerisms, but everyone knows the type of steadfast characters that are lucky enough to be solidly in their own and not disposed for that tendency.

Now when you are constantly taking in your environment and making it part of your character, from the household as a child, to an infested high school, to current day life, one may ask what is your responsibility of your character?  Well the responsibility of character is managing just that.

Now being that the storks are playing a primitive 3d game with a cameleon everyone can get to know what type of platform they are working with with their own makeup as a 9 centered being.   So I have an idea, you generators and manifesting generators can where green and black and white since there are so many of you, the manifestors can where blue, the projectors can where red, and the reflectors you guys can where anything you want but mainly purple and gold or you can just freak out on a medelly of color like wizards in wonderland.

So now everyone can practice being their design, which would communally actually really get a smooth flow going because the two types of generator…you guys respond to stuff, you are a power being, worker bees, you get it done (remember green or black and white headgear or t-shirts.  You can practice inviting the projectors (in red) who basically wait for an invitation to show you guys the stuff that they see, we’re the yogi’s who are super focused on others.  There always has to be an invitation to react and share their knowledge.  These two make up the largest of the population, so generators can respond to the projector to inquire about themselves and the projector can then share, until we share more than the generator has invited at which point they can get pissed off for sharing too much and trample the projector or things can flow very nicely if you both operate correctly, anyway you guys can practice that.  Both parties can practice suggesting anything but a slight inquiry to a manifestor (ceo’s) or get run over.  Of course the reflectors (oracles) can run the whole show and move everyone around appropriately.  So get to it

As far as the current game, some projectors can learn to turn into Lions and eat those cute baby storks with their inherent knowledge of tongue.  That was the buildup?  Maybe that was the real movement into whatever?  So much for fragile.  Give me back my stuff.




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ANy more blockage from you guys and Im going into the forrest with tree man



WIth his phalanges and my digiti we would pull feffers non stop.  Now after knowing me for the last half decade Im not sure how you would think living in a tree with my feffers and tree man as a neighbor would not perfectly suit my void of stylish gear.  It’s really the only other option.

Remember, No Unknown-1

No Servitude.  GET IT?

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Pie Guy

I said Pie Guy not Mai Tai.  You know my brain is just not what it used to be, meditation and centerdness succumbs to the depths of normality.  While unreactively questing on a new internet product line introduction, I’m compelled to leave the breathless with some helium while I run a wash for my entire wardrobe for the 6th time in 12 days.  I heard the boring nature of spirituality runs synergistically with your endowed clothing line.

On another note did you know that Native Americans share the same blood as the modern day Mexican?  The most humble people I know in the hood may be for a very good reason.  Plus you guys are all cute and fluffy.

Some of you other guys need serious attention…….  Come in for an office visit.

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By Popular Systemic Demand

How does the song go?  Nobody walks in L.A?  At least that’s how it’s marketed.  I’ve never had a more genuine enjoyable interaction engaging in conversating with strangers than on the LA City Bus system.

Although I have partaken in a few success stories which modern western medicine is just not there in treating debilitating illnesses effectively, I cannot say that I have extensive knowledge on treating severe stage illnesses.  I would like to promote wellness, instead of promoting disease correction.  Everyone has their place and I admire the people who save the very ill, but my head is with the average person who is dealing with the bubble that is pushing down on us; who gets past whatever their blockage is and inspires the rest to do the same.

Hip Hop, I ‘ve taken flack for using it in the past, although a mainstay in my geographical upbringing, I’m not infatuated with it, I see it as a great tool, it’s made from people who are expressing their souls.  Artists can be threats to tyrannies.  Because of that, it’s where the tyrannies go to manipulate.


Woman seem to be able to get by a bit better without the need for a guide.  Women who are full of variety and feeling to nurture seem to be more self reliant with intuition.  Men, due to their more one directional goal orientated accomplishments outside of themselves, usually require a role model more than our counterparts.  Hey but if you were an independent male from the start with no need to identify with another, more power to you.



It’s always been lyrical formation or topic structure that would have a kid catching on to what someone was saying on the mic.  For some reason that changed, and with it spawned a number of Rappers at the top who had limited skill and spoke of topics which resonate with 13 year old throwing a tantrum.   beyonce-jay-z-nyc-movie-date-04I’m not sure how this person gets on a commercial highlighting respect after listening to his lyrics.  It takes but a second to hear someone and realize where they are coming from.  So if the bubble pushing down on you is a void, or an incarcerated demographic that needs altering in order for us all to move forward, whatever the case may be this puppet musician popularized for not writing down any lyrics is something that would be a negative influence your daily thoughts.  If you are going to listen to someone’s music, listen to someone who does in fact write and even reads a book from time to time.

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Lightening Down

You know if the vedic astrological calendar were to take precedence in one’s view, then yours truly would be a triple Gemini.  And if a mind is in fact a terrible thing to taste wouldn’t there be a squad of hyena stringing us up in a tree like a piñata and beating us about the taint and face with cashmere laden fermented fish oils?  You would think.  There would probably be some slathered bunnies needing to urgently grasp my new developed fourth chakra driven romance crevices.  Can I get a witness?

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Talkin Tao

UnknownOpening a new frequency in your heart usually doesn’t come with one dramatic epiphany but several small experiences in a duration of time that lead to stillness.  It’s a bloody battle that all people react differently to addictive tongue lashings.  Maybe one aspect to that is their blood type.  You got the type A, for their agrarian nature, you got type Bs, who are derived from the nomadic, and you got the type O, who sometimes like to take over.  All three play a vital role.

There are one or two in particular you regret the most for not respecting as much as you’d like.

Rounding out an era of…

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Willin’ Out

We appreciate your responses.  Some of those responses have been the best yet, and we love that you included me in the party.  However we may just be moving in on an amazing space for our future clinic that is going to be take up precedence and much of our time.  Thanxs for all the energy thrown our way and we appreciate that you guys appreciate our humor and wit these past years.  All you party people move over temporarily and make room for the ailing and wellness orientated.  You guys can come back sometime in the near future though, until then we will be selling online products.


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Vomit Cleaning

ANother reason that dogs make better pets than snakes has to do with their true nature. It is about the timing of the judgement, timing is everything. JUdgement after a thorough explanation that should evoke clarity, displayed anything but. Now the same view shared by a dog and snake prior to their owners purge is Lombardi motivation. You can know a snake for 25 years and they still share the same views post purging which equates to non acceptance. You know a dog for 5 years and they adapt perfectly, even long before purging.

But even the emotion from the lack of acceptance is fleeting purge in itself. That is spirit.


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Did you guys know that our pets can detect earthquakes. It is due to the vibration they pick up coming from the earth’s core when humans cannot. Like us west coasters know, if you hear a bunch of dogs barking outside it may or may not be time to run for the door arches.

An overwhelming feeling of inspiration has got bodymindz wanting to use the abundant mental activity and physical reservoir that some many already know, to harness and even synergistically compound in order to provide what can and will be helpful for all the people in the community who have patiently sat through the rollercoaster of passion that shocked, mmm astonished, ahhh and repulsed this lovely community. I have the utmost respect for the careers and abilities that seemed routinely marvelous and will do my best to fortify the community in ways that match the best of my ability.

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