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I’m feeling standoffish, and you know what happens when  I feel standoffish.  Are you paying attention styrofoam?  Cause I’d search for the lost episodes as they have the most catalyst to infamous malnutritioned complacency you lulled the nation into through the majority of the 80’s and 90’s.

And if I see another Bee doing a jig on concrete in non bee-like fashion one more consecutive day, I’m probably just gonna spew more jargon than what’s left on a hookers face when a democratic convention comes to town.  Which spawns a thought: maybe you guys should stop kidding yourself about how much better the elephants are than those jackasses.  Maybe those are the same people who still have roundup in their garages, and if so It wouldn’t be such a bad idea if those people threw themselves off a bridge because there is a very good chance that your stupidity will be too valuable for the bad aliens and they will most likely catch you and deem you invaluable for the end goals to their agenda.  Consider it a test of faith.  How are we the only country that cannot get a company poisoning our food supply on macro levels while eluding to healthy efficiency in sinister fashion and not think that there is a goal of desiring people exiting this country?  And for what reason?


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As you can see, I am an true open G center (identity/Personality) and a true open heart center, I have none of my own emotions, I have open sacral center (sex center) so 2 of 3 motors are not there.  I am a PROJECTOR.  I also have many connections which are splenic (intuition).  This is something you do not have to believe, IT DEMONSTRATES ITSELF


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Over and Out

There’s something you notice after about 5-9 seconds into witnessing a shit spewing conversation that mixes a certain kind of sarcastic rhythm, entertaining logic and fortitude to talk over someone indiscriminately that really distinguishes a caring NYer from other parts of this country.  I really love you guys, I really do.

You know…tall buildings and infinite concrete can really do a number on the human psyche. I wanna say that even if I wanted to stay here, that at the very least one of my part time gigs of hair test analysis, (one of the best nutritional repairers and preventers of disease established) cannot be conducted in New York State, the only state of it’s kind in the nation.  Not too mention the archaic taboo situation of medical marijuanna (phoenix tears), which kills blast cells  in the most tricky of blood cancers (of the most tricky diseases) for the terminally ill.  Of course, if you don’t beleive that, you probably are dumb enough not to use the medical oil as the most effective reliever (same tears) of cancer treatment symptoms, but hey don’t vote on that, let hundreds of thousand suffer needlessly because Jewseppe is stuffing his scungilli-eating face and doest want his 17 year old smoking a joint 3 months earlier than when he would have done if it were illegal.

I think not using weed when you are sick on that level is about as dumb as using it when you are perfectly healthy.  Modern weed and its hybridized strength completely reverses the flow of upper chakras, not good.  And marinol is just all bad, don’t touch it even if it is free.

NYC, I want to say you are a west coast town mentality with a sub 100,000 populous circa 1984, but this last stint, underneath the pristine theaters, art schools, dope clubs and street gear, and the most hysterical people in the world,  NYC…I’m going to downgrade you to a current day Lubbock Texas.  Don’t get me wrong, this is strictly focussing on the umbrella consciousness of regulation pressing down on you artsy fartsies, not the actual artsy fartsies themselves, cause your art farts with luster.  It’s just that they reside in the most ignorant, archaic, broken, regulatory system headed by dated logic the nation has to offer. You know the ones, the ones that say the brooklyn and manhattan water supply is the best in the nation when it’s fluoridated in the same amounts as when it was first introduced in Nazi concentration camps in order to destroy the will and self assertion due to its ability to target glands in the brain….yeh that logic.

Jewseppe, you are a catch 22 of epic proportions, O’maley Tang would be proud.

I’m not going to say that taking a jab out of structures that do not serve anyone anymore, except the actors and marketers of news castings that promote it, doesn’t give me a chubby.  As many of you might already know, my ball bag has this spontaneous relationship with old structure tearing, national alarm triggering, and fox groveling. Eternally viable serendipitous wads of love gum destroy dry wall and not only act as a supreme form of HVAC, but has the potential to eternally grow with any womb of choice.  Yes, my house looks like cheese of the swiss alps, but the air quality is just the same.

Have fun with swamp ass for the next 8 weeks.

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If New York Logic added consciousness, there would be more room for “unusual” aka accurate artistic display that reverberates information.  It’s really not that difficult, 15% of the population throws energy back at you, 1-2% feel it much more than usual.  1 percent of 7 billion people are a lot of people.  If there were more focus on them we would all be going in another direction.  Kinda like how people like to get their news from news broad casting when you should be getting your information at this meeting

Otherwise, keep up the good work.



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