Following some big black ass as bait around town with a investing promise to boot while providing ideas for media (that was highly functional) from the very beginning, I stopped focussing on the jib jab as it’s not a gift anymore it’s a tax write off.  This an opportunity to be greedy not well being focussed. I’m not stopping in collecting my share and neither should you.  I’ll be at your respective doors soon.

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Moving On Up

I find it highly ironic that the lack of self respect in my life was often forecasted at actors and their craft in particular.  And then of course having a certain type of nature, introduction of acting (I mean u guys) be a necessary reason helping me attain that respect back for myself is ironic in now having utmost respect for the craft.  Having a large chunk of that void which was created by decades of beta blockers spawned my conglomerate of role models in my mixed bag of expression, which with a lack of (expression via beta blockers), being the energetic connection that created my dad’s bio-chemical disease in the first place.

So everyone’s main goal is too relinquish to some or all the extent that mold that you were born into.  With that said, my biggest regret is using techniques as a from of fictional expression in a time where I needed to release steam, which often was learned behavior from television marketing, but also created fictional aspects to a news story that was based in reality.  I mimicked that too, but not in such a skilled and serious way at times where it needed to be.  Overlooking detail and aggression in my application in my frequent travels also played a role of misrepresenting a lot of different people, including myself.

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This city is so damn top heavy its no wonder how it just doesn’t turn upside down one day.   Listen up my g money shnitzels, I think with most people, but particularly with men, that it only takes one exceptional character trait (being retarded is ironically, one of them via yours truly) that allows for greatness.  I’ve always had a magnetic attraction towards police officer personalities, but particularly New York police officers.  With a few in my extended family, their characters were usually the ones I find most honorable.   I’m a fan, and not only that but they are grossly misrepresented in this town, I know what it’s like when you get the feeling that nothing you can do is right, and for this I am completely on their side.  Not only that but I feel like the criticism they get comes primarily from alleged support systems.

. Thank you for all your service


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Alright, it wasn’t a planned rope a dope, just covering for what defines the natural flow of feistiness of spring in New York.



Vinchenzo squad cracked ass like champs last night. Stupendous! Great technique and creativity, bogus nuances.

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BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.  Oh and I apologize that its spring and I talked about a piece of ass in public, that’s so sacrilegious.  So I brought back an oldie but goodie.

Poor, uneducated people shoot cops.  Of course, when we eat wheat and sugar, it’s easy to forget who throws us under then bus.

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Rebel Without A Pause.

America, this is the perfect time to learn who is running the show, but it’s not guidos.  Cause if it were, there would be a lot more dancing.

Seems like a lot of financial heads are butting.  SO what happens when the obese mall goers all of a sudden get jolted?  I mean for most of the country, why wouldn’t anyone want a larger movement to occur more acutely than typical?  WHat type of affect do you think you have to present to these kooks?



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3RD Base. Almost Home

When you are dealing on the financial level, which is 1/7th of our spiritual path, one must understand, that if you are a man, and deal with 3 levels moreso, you have between approximately 33% of your time focussed in that scope.  Of course that involves brokers, bankers, shmoozers and jooches.  If you broke down your day into thirds of sleep, work, and play, you would notice that most of the active part of your day is filled with a financial aspect.  Now if you reside on the east coast this body of workers consist of 97% kooshines or those derived from pure kooshine ancestry, for reasons too intricate that few want to hear about anyway.

Now, if this is in fact true, you have approximately 3% of your day to figure out how to reduce this entity from 97% of your day to a more manageable 25-35%.  THat is not a lot of time.  This is where I come in.  I’m going to provide a template and management plan and provide to you all the functional applications in order to successfully reduce your time spent with a Vinchenzo in your most alert, opportune revenue building time for you and your loved ones.

Now you may ask yourself, how does one spiritually move forward in such an onslaught of poorly chosen cologne and dated lingo?  Listen, I’m not saying it’s easy, when you are in it, you’re in it, going through it, who’s got time to think about how you get out of it, much less create and strategic plan thats going to be logistically successful.  FOOOOGETTABBOUOUITTTTIIITTT!

Look, my program is priceless for obvious reasons and may strike a cord that sits deep for most of you, that’s why I’m going to start you off with a tip in order to clear your mind a bit.  Add a guido or two to your social level, this way, universal law states that something must give when you’re more alert while business planning.  A guido, when you are shit faced is much better than a guido gone serious.  Of course that means that he may want to fight you but who cares, you can get drunk and not notice that your olfactory cells are blown out.  And who knows if he gets a throw on you, all the grooming oils have it slide right off.  ANd if it can only be for and hour, it’s ok, laws work exponentially.

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Refresher Quiz

You know what, I’m not choosing reincarnation, but heading to the 5th dimension after this in only 40 years, and despite pressure by the big boys, I’m gonna choose to maybe go by Mardi Gras for some fried bread, In favor of truth with a big cheesy chew, on multiple levels just for TV. And playing out the results that occur, for everyone, when you let the powers that be try and run you.

1. What is the motivating force behind Pedophilia?

A. Hot, smooth baby ass

B. Power

C. Touch the lives of as many children out there

D. Increased range of motion in the hips

E. Fidelio


2. Where would Pedophiles most reside? (best two answers)

A. Hollywood (Television)

B. Taquiera Grill

C. Catholic Church

D. Carl’s Jr.



3. What do Pedophiles do for fun?

A. Hop

B. Skip

C. Stalk

D. Electric Slide



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How Spiritual Are you?

In a 7 year time span, I have:

Watched 3/4 of my family pass on

Support my favorite person and best friend for a year while he passed on

Visited over 48 cities

Let over 250 people directly see their mirrors in my layered character

Lost my girlfriend who supported me while my father died

Fought off a scholastic intervention

Removed a rapist inside me

Fought off a communal intervention

Lost all of my old friends

Fought off a national intervention

DId not consume one single recreational and pharmaceutical drug and rarely a beer for the duration

Forever changed the volume of baby rapers by highlighting the world’s most sadistic sources, FOREVER.

For the first time, from a biochemical standpoint have no physical or emotional tendencies in any degree

I’d like to say all I got is a t shirt, but have not received one yet

Encountered an interdimensional being or two

Spread the face language and degree of comprehension of national programming

Forever influenced parenting skills via information and demonstration on a global level

Mistakenly lost a few really good hearted strangers out of pure ignorance but moreso with little attention

Took a steaming hot deus on 2 months of commercials, and television programs with one single thread.

Endured this all with acupuncture and herbs and nutriceuticals as a sole method of medicinal application.



….oh and for the first time couldn’t care less of what people think of me.




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